The History of Parker District


  First of all I would like to thank you for visiting the Parker Fire Department web page. Also, my wish is that you find it as an enjoyable experience that will also educate you on the history of the District.


  Around the turn of the 19th century there were many changes brought to the Greenville area. The textile industry was alive and doing quite well bringing jobs to the people of the area and to the ones who where beginning to settle here in hopes of finding work. A need to educate the people was evident, so in 1922, the plant executives petitioned the State Legislature to enable them to form the "Parker School District" named after Thomas F. Parker. This is how we received the name Parker District. A series of events that would take place next could best be described as fortuitous. As the need of water and sewer services were becoming problematic, the state Legislators voted on March 3rd, 1931 to create the Parker Water and Sewer Sub-District.


   As you may know with every problem solved another will arise to take its place. Again the people of Parker District found themselves in need, but this time it was for protection. The days of the Parker District Fire Department were about to begin. On November 3rd 1942 a Mack pumper was delivered.  Without a station, the truck would be housed in a red warehouse across from Parker High School. This would have to do until the station on Cedar Lane Road could be built. On January 7th, 1943 the plans for a new station were submitted as well as naming the first Chief, Clinton M. Hunter. As you can only imagine, Chief Hunter had his work cut out for him. After two weeks at the helm, Chief Hunter hired the first driver for the fire truck, R.L.Wilbanks. I find it important to name these two men, because they were the first that would become part of a great brotherhood. Without question their goals were the same as ours today, and that is to protect the people of the District.


   Parker has gone through many changes since the days of the Mack truck and the red building across from Parker High School. Many Chiefs have come and left their mark as well as the men who have proudly served this community. The Fire Department now has four stations, a communication center, a training center and 18 vehicles which include seven Pumpers, two aerials, two rescue units and other various trucks and equipment. We are empowered by a force of seventy eight personnel. The one thing that still remains the same decade after decade is the pride the District still has for a job well done.



Scott Campbell



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